Minor Matter  2018 - present
Minor Matter is an ongoing, interdisciplinary assemblage of text and visual art that revolves around facets of Asian American existence in contemporary America. Colloquially deemed as the ‘model minority,’ Asian Americans often face an experience of contradictions. We are lauded for our successes (which are then used to disparage other systemically marginalized minorities), but are also consistently left out of our country’s narratives, both historically and in the present day. We are painted as hard working and diligent, but are simultaneously ignored or mischaracterized in politics and in media.
Minor Matter attempts to make sense of the dissonance, weaving together poetry and photography as a means of offering multiple avenues to reckon with a past of immigration and discrimination, a present of agitating for precise and diverse representation, and a future of uncertain optimism. 
Below is a selection of spreads from the collection.
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