Bayou • 2016
The Buffalo Bayou is a slow-moving river that flows from Katy, Texas to Galveston Bay, passing through the city of Houston along the way. For Bayou, I created transects of two separate areas along the waterway; the locations are marked on Google Maps as shown. Each column tracks flora specimens in these areas, offering multiple views of various plants: in nature, isolated from the Bayou, and through a microscope.
Now imagine if these sorts of transects showed up every time you dropped a pin on Google Maps. Imagine if every location you took a look at didn’t stop at a street view, but allowed you to get even closer. What would it mean to have this kind of access into the natural world?

With Bayou, I hope to inspire a new sense of curiosity regarding what we may miss if we don’t take a second look at the world around us. While we may not carry a microscope everywhere we go, being aware of the complexity that exists beyond the range of what we can see should perhaps be a factor in how we relate to nature. Perhaps we should keep all of this in mind when making decisions about how we modify the Bayou—among other places—for our own devices.
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